Part of what makes travel to Bhutan so special also makes it complicated, and trying to book a vacation to this little country can often be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got the lowdown to make things easy for you. Plus, Yougs, our Bhutanese partner, will take care of all the truly tricky stuff!  So all it really comes down to for you is booking one plane ticket and arranging the time off of work (oh yeah, and then kayaking cool rivers and seeing incredible sights).

You will need to book your flight to either Bangkok, Thailand, New Delhi, India or Kathmandu, Nepal.  From there, Yougs will book your flight (although you pay for it) into Bhutan.  We fly into Paro which is in the western part of Bhutan.  From here, we will drive and kayak our way to the north-central part of the country, closer to the heart of the Himalayas. 

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about bhutan

Bhutan is both a whitewater and a cultural wonderland. Having been dubbed “the happiest place in the world” Bhutan boasts a strong Buddhist culture with immaculate temples lining the banks of the rivers. Glacial waters rush down off the flanks of the Himalayan Mountains creating yet another whitewater paradise. Himalayan paddling veterans describe Bhutan as “all the good of Nepal without any of the bad.” The Bhutanese government has worked hard to develop their tourism industry in a way that is consistent with the desires of the people, the health of their environment, and the preservation of their special culture. To achieve these goals, Bhutan only issues a limited number of tourist visas each year, and requires visitors to spend an allotted amount at established lodges, restaurants, and on sanctioned guide services.
Thanks to all of these restrictions, travelers to Bhutan are treated to a truly unique experience.


  • November 17th-29th 2015
  • Trip cost $5,350
  • Includes: kayak rental, all travel within Bhutan including 1 domestic flight, all food and lodging from arrival on the 17th to departure on the 29th
  • NOT included: flights to Bangkok, New Delhi, or Kathmandu.  Flight from one of these hubs into Bhutan (Yougs will arrange this flight, but you pay for it), alcoholic drinks, tips and souvenirs
  • Non-kayakers welcome too!  We already have 3 non-paddlers signed up and have designed a great dry land itinerary for them.
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For more details and a complete itinerary, visit our Bhutan Blog 


November 17th-29th 2015