The idea for a new guiding business was originally thought up in a restaurant in Portland, Oregon over dinner and drinks with a group of guests who had paddled with us in Ecuador.   As we sat there listening to our friends retell the epic stories from our adventures in a remote corner of Ecuador, we could not help but to be filled with pride and sense of excitement that we had helped these paddlers build some of the best memories of their kayaking careers.  Our own fun and exploration had readily become their adventure as well.  It was a process that had played itself out countless times over the past decade, and we both knew that we wanted to repeat this transformation as often as possible.  We founded Global River Explorations out of our passion for kayaking, adventure, and having great experiences with people from around the world.  Our aim is to share our enthusiasm about paddling and our love of rivers with as many people as we can.  Building memories that will last a lifetime is our main objective, and we can do that through our adventure kayaking trips and our fun, safe style of guiding.  We want to spread the excitement of paddling new rivers in far-flung parts of the world, and felt a guiding company like GRE was the best way to do that.

Don and Darcy, the founders of GRE, have been kayaking, guiding, and teaching for a combined forty-five years. Our experience both on and off the river will be evident by the safety we set, the seamless logistics, the professionalism of our trips, and the fun, welcoming atmosphere we create.  We like nothing more than to hear at the end of a day of kayaking, “that was my best day ever!” 

The rivers of the world are our playground, come join us for the adventure of a lifetime!    

The story
behind Global river explorations